R. McConnell Group PLLC focuses on providing exceptional service to clients using a cost-efficient and client-oriented platform. As law firms have turned into businesses focused on profits per partner, our goal is world-class service with fee structures designed to align our firm with our clients’ needs. Most of our work is performed on a flat fee basis for Fortune 500 companies. We have one focus – our clients. We are obsessive about solving our clients problems.

Compliance: Simple. Effective. Sustainable.

Our compliance practice focuses on creating effective compliance solutions. Compliance programs should be simple, risk-based, and sustainable. We help clients build programs that are aligned to their business. Our work typically focuses on general program design and implementation (e.g., developing a risk assessment process) or subject matter-specific work (e.g., anti-corruption due diligence). We routinely travel to Africa, Asia, and Latin America to perform a variety of compliance projects. Clients regularly ask us to help present their compliance programs to regulators, corporate boards, and other stakeholders. We have addressed virtually every type of compliance challenge from best practices for data privacy to trade control risk analysis across a number of different industries ranging from retail to oil and gas.

  • Communication Plan
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Assessment and Program Maturity Analysis
  • Policy Development and Review
  • Program Implementation
  • In Country Training
  • Response to Compliance Failures

Our firm also benefits from benchmarking studies we have conducted on codes of conduct for Fortune 500 companies. We have developed a database of deferred and non-prosecution agreements — one of the first in the industry. We use this data set to identify emerging trends and benchmark codes of conduct. Our benchmarking efforts resulted in the only publicly available database of Fortune 500 Codes of Conduct with over three years of data hosted by the University of Houston Law Center. This database allows users to benchmark compliance policies set forth in Fortune 500 Codes of Conduct across over forty different topic areas. The database may be accessed here: Our lawyers teach a well-regarded class on corporate compliance at the University of Houston Law Center that has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and put on a well attended Compliance and Ethics Conference at the University of Houston Law Center.

Lawyers around the country frequently reach out to our firm to ask about compliance best practices and emerging trends. Our firm has published over seventy five articles on compliance best practices in Corporate Counsel online that have been widely cited and circulated as authority on various compliance issues.

White Collar Criminal Defense and Internal Investigations: Efficient. Practical. Experienced.

In addition to the firm’s highly sought after compliance practice, our firm assists clients with regulator inquiries and smaller internal investigations. The firm is able to use its experience in dealing with regulators and deep knowledge of compliance systems to efficiently conduct investigations and provide practical advice on potential compliance enhancements.

Recent experience:

  • Numerous investigations into internal theft at both public and private companies in oil and gas, telecommunications, and service industries.

  • International internal investigations into corruption related activities.

  • Theft of trade secret investigation for investment firm.

  • Investigation into safety practices at worldwide refining company.

  • Investigation into regulated shipments under US trade control laws.

  • Investigation into internal customs classification and billing processes.

  • Defense of waste disposal company for federal immigration crimes.

  • Defense of container company and owners for federal immigration crimes resulting in non prosecution agreement for company and no charges against owners.

  • Defense of manager at manufacturing company under investigation for violating federal immigration law with no felony charges filed.

  • Defense of executive at oil field services manufacturing company under investigation for fraud with no charges filed.

  • Defense of individuals and company in economic sanctions and money laundering investigation including managing public relations issues with no charges filed.

  • Representation of target in DOJ criminal fraud investigation resulting in non prosecution agreement.